Learn German

Why learn German?

  • Germany is the largest Economy in Europe & 4th largest in the world by GDP.
  • It is the World’s 3rd largest Exporter and Importer of goods.
  • Germany is the world’s top location for trade fairs. 2/3rd of the world’s leading trade fairs take place in Germany.
  • German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French) and around 120 million around the globe.
  • Most studied foreign language worldwide after English and French. 68% of all Japanese students study German to know what do they (Germans) know that we don’t?
  • Expected shortfall of 3 Million skilled labor against their own German population.
  • Education in Germany is FREE & all Living Expenses LESS than INR.25,000/Semester.

Our online German courses help you for GOETHE certificates/exams ranging from beginners to advanced levels, which have international recognition and are valid indefinitely.

German courses at glance offered at

Before gaining insight into the German language
learning levels let us have a look at specialized courses that we offer:

Short-term Course

We offer crash courses in German at all levels to suit our student’s schedules and language requirements. Our crash course classes are held on one-on-one and are specially tailored to address the varied learning needs of the students.

Travel Course

Our one-of-a-kind German travel course is tailored for travelers and students who are considering a trip to Germany in the future. The purpose of this course is to teach basic vocabulary and adequate instruction in communications related to tours, shopping, and living in a German-speaking country for an extended period.

Online German Classes

Take our best online German classes from anywhere in the world and learn to talk using a variety of exercises and cutting-edge teaching methods.

Level A1
It is a beginner’s level of German learning in which a candidate will be able to understand and communicate in German using common phrases and simple information. After this level, one can appear for the GOETHE certification A1 test.

Level A2
It is the elementary level of German language learning at Insta-Languages in which you will learn to communicate and exchange routine conversations or have basic interaction in German. In this, you will get familiar with the frequently used German vocabulary.

Level B1
It is an intermediate German learning stage at Insta-Langauges in which you can hear about the practical use of German in professional life. You will learn how to openly express yourself in German, its German cultural richness, and much more.

Level B2
At Insta-Langauges this is upper intermediate level and one of the most important levels. The learner will be capable of dealing with a wide variety of topics and will be well equipped to meet much of their language objectives and navigate the most popular scenarios.

Level C1
It marks your entrance into the German Language proficiency levels. Our coaches at Insta-Langauges are well trained to assist you in navigating this challenging stage and gain full autonomy in German conversation.

Level C2
This level represents the mastery of the German language. The student can comprehend almost anything, use words effectively, and cope with scholarly, intermediate, or otherwise complex texts. They can search texts and extract useful information, and they can read at a level and speed that is comparable to that of a native speaker.