Learn French

Highlights of Our French Language Program

  • You can choose from a wide range of courses- online, group, and individual classes.
  • You can access the conversational French teaching method in a fun manner
  • Gain In-depth exposure of French accent like native speakers
  • Real-time conversation with French natives to have a better understanding of language fluency
  • Our French language course with certificate follows a student-centric approach
  • Get practical exposure to French linguistic skills in French classes online with innumerable audio-video interactive sessions.
  • Holistic teaching approach to accustom our learners with French customs and culture

French language course levels at

At Insta-Languages we offer 6 levels of French courses with a certificate, which range from beginner to mastery level. Our counselors conduct a test to decide the placement of learners in a level. We conduct periodic tests to determine the performance of learners during and after the completion of individual levels.

Following are the different levels of proficiency under the French course that we offer:

Level A1
This is the beginner level of the French language that is offered at Insta-Languages. After this level learner would understand, communicate and exchange basic and familiar phrases.

Level A2
It is the elementary level of the French language where the learner will be able to understand and cope with the simple sentences and can participate in basic conversations related to relevant topics and routine topics.

Level B1
It is an intermediate level of French language learning course at Insta-Languages where learners will be able to express themselves well even in less familiar situations. The learner will be able to express, give an opinion and describe himself/herself in situations.

Level B2
This upper -intermediate level is the essential stage of French language learning in our French language course. The learner will be capable of dealing with a wide variety of topics and is well equipped to fulfill the bulk of their language targets and work with the most popular scenarios. The learner will be able to read and comprehend the written instructions and manuals very well.

Level C1
It is the advanced level of French course at instalangauges that marks your entry to proficiency level. Our teachers are well qualified to lead you through this learning level, and help you gain near-mastery of the French language. You will be able to read and understand written material on every subject and will be able to read original works by French writers. Learners will be able to deal comfortably with complex questions at this stage, and they will have a strong understanding of more nuanced facets of expression.

Level C2
At instalnaguges we call it near-native speaker level where the learner can fully understand the French language. The learner can use the French language to cope with academics, career, or other challenging situations. After this level, you will attain grip and command of the French language like a native speaker.

DELF Exam Preparation

At Insta-Languages, we have developed a specialized course to help you complete your DELF test, in which you will undergo specialized training to apply for the desired DELF level (A1-C2).