About Us

Insta-Languages is a leading foreign language institute that strives to provide high-quality and productive foreign language training and language certification programs via cross-cultural education, individual attention, and a dynamic teaching approach, in a skilled, and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are looking for group lessons, crash courses, or one-on-one language tutorials, we can support you. Our foreign language-training curriculum has been designed to help smoothly develop your communication skills in the preferred language. Our instructional process has developed over time to include aspects of the communicative approach as well as, formal instruction of critical writing skills.

We also make every attempt to make learning interactive and fun. Our Insta-Languages academy has designed a course curriculum to provide you with the experience and skills you will need to succeed in education or career, both, nationally and globally.

We use the newly available infrastructure, creative teaching methods, and sound teaching methodologies to provide an engaging and exciting learning experience for our linguistic enthusiasts. We not only direct and assist students in appreciating the complexities of the language, but we also help them develop good linguistic skills and cultural understanding of their chosen language.

Highlights of Insta-Languages

We include excellent grammar explanations, real-time translation, an assortment of verbal lectures, audio, and videos, German and French language cultural exchange programs during our language-teaching program.

Our teaching method is both unique and knowledgeable, that is rooted in all four skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Our teaching faculty consists of both Indian and native foreign language trainers.

Our language experts have created relevant and self-explanatory study content, audio-video tutorials, E-books, practice sets, and other resources.

After each level, we have a certificate of completion. We will also get you set for international certifications like GOETHE certification.

Insta-Languages academy was created with the sole aim of bridging the language gap between countries, by providing a range of language courses and training programs.

To provide foreign language courses in all languages by adapting to the latest technology and innovative teaching methodologies. We aspire to become a center of quality learning.

Our Online Classes

We deliver LIVE-online foreign language learning lessons at Insta-Languages to support learners who are unable to attend offline courses. It provides learners with a versatile online class schedule that one can complete from anywhere in the world while traveling or staying at home.

Attractions of Our Teaching Methodology

Our language training programs include topics such as traditions, community specialties, diction, lexicon, vocabulary, grammar, and many more. We have a forum where learners not only learn the language but also converse easily in it.

At Insta-Languages, our qualified foreign language trainers prepare students for international competency exams at the university level and help job- seekers to pass a language test in their preferred language.

All study material and content have been incorporated into the course keeping in mind the international standards.

We follow a defined structured course pattern.

We conduct a counseling session before enrollment to our courses to understand your needs and aspirations.